My morning thus far

There are knots in my measuring tape.

“Cupcake, someone tied knots in my measuring tape.”


“AHEM! I said, ‘someone tied knots in my measuring tape.'”

“Was that a bad thing?”

“Cupcake, WHY are there knots tied in my measuring tape?”

“Because I don’t count those numbers right.”

Upon consulting the measuring tape, I see that she has, in fact, tied the knot right over 12 and 13 which is a problem spot in her recitation.

“So… you’re what, mad at 12 and 13?”

“No, it’s not their fault. But Minnie and I don’t want to play with them, so now I can count without them.”

“I…I have no answer. Don’t tie knots in my measuring tape, please.”

>long suffering sigh< “Fine! We’ll be friends with everyone.”


Cupcake Theology : July 26, 2015

“So my pretend friend Minnie came to Godly Play with me to hear about Jesus and Godly stuff. None of my other pretend friends came. We gotta have a talk about Jesus.

There was Jesus and his guys. Jesus was talking to the people and they all got hungry. Jesus got food from a boy. A bunch of bread and two fish and it wasn’t enough food except then Jesus blessed the food to the people and there was enough because, Jesus. BLAMMO!

Then Jesus made them clean up the rest of the bread because they were messy and because recycling and stuff. I don’t like fish.”

Cupcake Triumphant

Welcome! For long time fans, this is the Cupcake blog you’ve been waiting for. For those who got here accidentally… well, hi. I’ll explain a little bit here.

Cupcake is my mighty girl. Born in May of 2010, she came into our lives like a tiny blonde hurricane and nothing has been the same since. Thank goodness! Cupcake is bright and funny and full of energy. She’s also autistic. This blog will cover her shenanigans, her triumphs and her challenges. Regular features you can expect will include the ever popular Cupcake Theology (in which she interprets the Sunday School lesson in her own special way), Cupcake Philosophy, and musings on raising a spectrum kiddo and a non-gender conformist.

Cupcake is what some folks would call a “tomboy” and what I call a “girl.” She’s no more “girly” in her ruffles and ribbons than when she proceeds to climb a tree in them. She’s into ballet and gymnastics and figure skating and next month gets┬áto start her long awaited passion- hockey. She just had her first trip to the ER (and not her last, I’m sure) courtesy of a bonked noggin acquired in a tumble off the bed at Grandma’s. She’s rugged and daring, my little dainty flower…

Anyway, I chose the title because she sometimes struggles, but she always perseveres. She is brave and she is mighty and she will always, eventually, triumph.

Welcome to my girl.