New House Rule

No singing with your mouth full.

No, not even if Minnie started it.

No, not even if it’s for a really good reason.

Hoc-KEY, Hoc-KEY, Hoc-KEY!

She’s waited for this day for a year and a half, with focus unwavering. It’s hard to scold too firmly.



So I just realized Cupcake doesn’t know the word gay. I mean, she knows that some boys like girls and some boys like boys, etc. She knows gay people and she knows about the concept of being gay but it doesn’t seem to have occurred to her that there needs to be language about that.

She calls the couple who sit in front of us at church “the love guys” because they are guys and are clearly in love what with the hand holding and standing close and whatnot. (The fact that names are not really a thing she’s good at, is also part of it.) She doesn’t appear to be aware that there’s a need to distinguish that love from the love her father and I share. It’s all one and the same to her.

Imagine not needing to label love beyond it being love.

Some days I want to be five.