Cupcake Theology – A throwback

This one’s from a year ago, but it’s worth preserving.

Sunday School According to Cupcake:

“So, what was the story today?”

“It was about the four faces of Easter! The first face is Jesus. He DIED.”

“Oh? Then what happened?”

“Well, he DIED. Die is the end. Dun-dun-DUN!!!!! Only then it wasn’t the end. The buried him in a cave. With a rock for a door. That’s a dumb door.”

“And then?”

“I can’t remember. But before that, Jesus was a baby. He touched a blind person’s eyes. And then all the people could see differently. He made people able to do things they couldn’t do, like see him touch the blind person’s eyes. ”

“Um…So…after Jesus died, people went to the tomb to see him, right?”

“Yes, to the CAVE. With the rock.”

“And was Jesus there?”

“Jesus was everywhere. He’s everywhere. He’s even in the bread and grown up drink he shares with God. Before all that he was born. Because you get born before you die. There’s lots of donkeys. ”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is Palm Sunday according to Cupcake.


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