Cupcake Theology, Inappropriate Mom and Skating

“So what did you learn in Godly Play today?”

“Today we were carpenters. And we learned a story and did pumpkins.”

“Okay… what was the story about?”

“About Josephus. And his building. Josephus worshipped the building.”


“And we all took turns building the building.”

“Then what?”

“I told you. That was the end of the story. Then we made pumpkins. They were not Jesus pumpkins. Mine has a kitty face.”


In grown up church, I (mom) nearly got in trouble but it was totally not entirely my fault. The Pastor referred to Jesus’ teaching method as “crafty.” Then I got a vision of Ninja Jesus in my head and everything else in the sermon became about Ninja Jesus and I was sitting next to Dalek Rex’ mother and I couldn’t even *look* at her until I got under control, but then I told her and we sat there muttering Ninja Jesus stories at each other. We should probably not be allowed out unsupervised, but since we are, bonus.


Cupcake’s first recital solo is today. Pictures and maybe video to come later. It’s a big day for us.


Cupcake Theology

Note: “The sand people” came from Dalek Rex. When they tell stories about people in the desert they use a sand tray and DR, being the proper little Star Wars geek that she is, calls the people in the sand, “the sand people.” And now so does Cupcake.

“The sand people followed the smoke and fire to the mountain. One special guy went up and got the Ten Best Rules For Living.

When he was up there the people down below made a golden calf cow, 2 warships and danced a lot. But the one guy and God didn’t like it.”