The state of the Cupcake

I have been remiss in keeping this up, largely because Facebook means pretty much all my readers see this stuff as it happens.

Cupcake is seven. She remains bright, funny and brave. We’re coming up on the end of her first season of competitive figure skating and she has done well, skating cleanly, demonstrating good sportsmanship and winning some medals. The last bit is least important. She’s making me proud and working hard to be a credit to her coach.

She’s a better Christian than I am. Faced with a mean girl her reaction is that she will simply be as kind as possible and as loving as possible, because even though the other party may never change, “Mama, I gotta be what I’M supposed to be. Jesus SAID. Didn’t you listen when you were in Godly Play?” Sometimes a gentle reprimand from God comes from the mouths of babes.

She’s loving home schooling and is academically successful. We’re studying Medieval History, space, reading Trumpet of the Swan and locking in some addition facts so we can move on to, “the good stuff. Like Fractions!” Weirdo.

She’s completed her second year as a Daisy Scout and will be bridging to Brownie next month. She adores her troop leaders (one of whom is her godmother aka mother of Dalek Rex and The Pediatrician) and her scout sisters.

She is well. She is thriving. She is mighty!



Cupcake Theology Returns!

“So… dare I ask what the story was in Godly Play?”

“You can dare.”

“Okay, what WAS the story in Godly Play?”

“Well, I’d heard it before. We had the story in the sandbox. It was the one where the people wandered in the desert for like, all the time, because God got them lost. The Moses went up a mountain and got the ten… umm… God rules…”


“Yes, the ten commam… coband… commum…those. ANYWAY, he brought them down and the people were having a dance party with that gold cow. Moses yelled at them and broke their cow and then everyone followed the rules. Except people stopped some time and now they don’t. They should. It would be nicer. Mama, are you crying?”


I continue to pray for Charlotteville. I continue to pray for my friend who is in protective custody because a bad man wishes to do her harm. It should be nicer.